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Dongguan Promax, adapt to future development, established pin grid array department, also called PCB pins and sockets department, including spring probe socket and test probe socketSpring probe socket is used for those products tests of <0.3mm pitch, based on various probe heads, keeping very high stability and very long-term life cycleTest probe socket is used for those product tests of semiconductor or BGA, <0.3mm pitch

What is Precision Socket?
  • As the pitch of today’s products becomes smaller and smaller, when pitch is <0.3mm, the traditional probe can’t complete the test tasks
  • When pitch is <0.3mm, probe is go worse on test stability and life cycles, so, precision spring probe socket and test probe socket appear in front of people accordingly
  • Precision Probe Socket, double ended probe mounted into socket, to test semiconductor or BGA, FPC, LCD, LED, CCD module
  • life cycle 100,000 times
  • Dongguan Promax is a professional manufacturer and supplier, trustworthy! welcome customized!
What is the socket structure?
  • Structure advantage

Vertical slotting, very convenient to process, without mold opening, very short delivery timeQuick change spring contact pin

  • Commonality advantage

the Socket is universal and replaceable

What is the Spring Contact Pin Instructure?
  • Special tip head structure
  1. Structure anti yaw, multi-contact, large tolerance
  2. Better contact impedance
  3. Higher test reliability
  • Spring structure characteristics
  1. V-shaped shrapnel structure
  2. Multi special angle
  3. Uneven rib width
  4. Appropriate spring force
  5. Longer life cycle
  6. Lower impedance
  • Thickness and Tip head type of Spring Contact Pin, selection based on UUT(unit under test) of customers
  • Spring force and life-cycle are adjusted by V-shaped shrapnel structure, Multi special angle and Uneven rib width
What is the specification?
SizeX:7.4 Y: 6.2 Z: 9.2,  customized
Pin Qty6-60pins
Contact Impedance50mΩ-200mΩ
Loading Current2A-5A, test duration 20s
Spring force18±20% gf/pin @0.23mm
Working Stroke0.23mm±0.05mm
Life Cycle300,000 times
MaterialsPin: Becu,  Socket:PEEK
What is Life Cycle?
  • Life Cycle, Spring force and Impedance of Spring Contact Pin, obviously better than other probes
  • Keeping mechanical characteristics within the test of 200,000 times
What is the application?
  • What is the test application?
  1. BTOB connector test, including male test and female test
  2. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) modle test
  • Spring Contact Socket Test Products, including CCD socket, battery socket, LCD socket