Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize Pogo Pins?

Yes, we have an excellent engineering team that specializes in specific product customization.  Whether we change the diameter, length, or hole size, we can produce the product you need in a reasonable and accurate way. 

How long is the delivery time for customized products?

After receiving the customer product consultation, we will reply to the email within 24 hours, reply design scheme within 1-3 days, deliver goods within 2 weeks after receiving the formal sample order and deliver goods within 3-4 weeks after receiving the formal mass production order. 

Does the product meet environmental protection standards?

Yes, our production standard is ROHS+HF certification, and all products are green electronic products. 

What is our payment process?

We will provide customers with a ladder quotation, using the first payment after the payment of the goods.  In actual production, order production shall be arranged upon receipt of advance payment, and shipment shall be arranged upon receipt of full payment. The proportion of advance payment shall be determined according to the amount of the actual order. 

Is it possible to pay a premium to get the product faster?

Every order is important to us! Depending on the complexity of the product, the usual delivery time is 3-4 weeks. We have a regular production schedule and are able to produce over 100 million spring pins per month. We assure you that we will do everything possible to meet your product needs. 

What about the quality of our production?

We deliver goods by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. We will deliver goods to customers in 3~8 days according to the long distance and difficulty of customs clearance. 

What about the quality of our production?

Our production process has strict quality control, in accordance with AQL standards, each product will pass the CCD size inspection, elastic impedance inspection, and functional inspection, to ensure the quality of products. 

What is our production process?

The process flow includes: turning = > QC= >Electroplating = > QC= > Whole row of needle/needle/spring and rotating plate = >; Riveting pressure = >; Full check compression = > The whole row of rubber core/single needle and rotating plate = >; Plate and pressing = >; Full test of elastic impedance function = > Appearance inspection = > packaging 

What is the elastic limit of a Pogo pin?

Dongguan Promax has its own core research and development team, the lowest elasticity can achieve 10g. 

Pogo pin size problem?

Whether it is the diameter or hole size, we can customize a pogo pin for you. 

Pogo pin flow capacity?

Promax core team technology can achieve 15A Max, customized ultra-large current. 

What is the thickness of pogo pin electroplating film?

The thickness of the electroplating film can be 80U. 

What is the maximum duration of perspiration?

The longest sweat duration can reach 168 hours. 

Pogo pin Sweat electrolysis time?

The point solution time of the Pogo pin can be 30 minutes.