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Spring Probe

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DiameterΦ:≥0.7mm, full stroke ≥0.2mm, working stroke ≥0.05mm


all types of customization


Brass, SUS304/316F/L,CuTe,HBi59,Cu-Sn, etc


Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ni, etc


3000pcs by T&R, Tray, Tube, Box, PE bag, etc


DHL, UPS, ship the sample out in 2 weeks, mass production in 3-4 weeks

Use Case of Through Hole Pogo Pin Connector

Studied Customer Requirements

Based on the precise BGA size and pitch, we designed the spring probe and BGA test socket at the same time. for the spring probe. For the BGA test socket, it was just a container to fix 498 spring probes, its pitch was 0.8mm, and its material was PEEK and Telfon.

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As the material of the spring probe, the plunger was BeCu, the barrel was PBT, and the spring was SWP. The coating of the plunger and the barrel was Au plated ≥3U”, the spring was Au plated ≥1U”, the designed voltage and current were 5V DC and 1.0A, the contact resistance was no more than 50mohm, the working height was 1.0mm, the full height was 1.5mm, the spring force was 35gf±20%gf, its life cycle was 500,00 times.


R&D of through hole pogo pin connector
spring probe drawing

Design of Spring Probe

The spring probe was designed as two same plungers and one barrel. in industry, we called two plungers: one was the top plunger, and the other was the bottom plunger, their outer diameter was Φ0.50mm, and the outer diameter of the spring probe was Φ0.78mm. total length was 21.5mm.

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The rated current was 1.0A, its contact resistance was less than 50mohm at a recommended stroke, the full stroke was 1.5mm, the spring force was 35gf±20%, and the operating temperature was -40℃~120℃, its life cycle was far more than 600,000 times after implemented life-cycle test. The coating of the spring probe was Au gold, it could effectively enhance the function of anti-corrosion and mechanical and electrical properties.



spring probe socket drawing
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What is Spring Probe’s Structure?

The spring probe is the contact medium for electrical testing and is a high-end precision electronic hardware component. It mainly consists of three parts: spring, plunger, and barrel.

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From the component structure part, the spring probe is associated with the spring. However, it is not a probe supported by a spring; the spring is only a structure inside it.



What is The Working Principle of The Spring Probe?

Testing whether the dut is working properly can give the manufacturer feedback on their process problems. Meanwhile, It can screen out the bad products to reduce the waste of subsequent finished products.

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The working principle of the spring probe is mainly to send special electronic signals through the tested equipment, and the spring probe is fed back to the test system.If the returned test signal is accurate and the tested equipment passes the test within the desired time, it is a good product. If not, is defective. At the same time, the test system will analyze the electronic signal to determine which test the equipment does not pass.


What is The Material and Surface Treatment of the Spring Probe?

Main Materials
Aluminum AI6061, AI6063, AI6082, AI7075, AI2024, AI5052, A380, etc.
Stainless Steel SS201, SS301, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416, etc.
Steel Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, 4340, Q235, Q3458, 20#, 45#, etc.
Brass C35600, C36000, C37000, C37700, C37100, C28000, C26000, C24000, C22000, etc.
Copper C11000, C12000, C12200, C10100, etc.
Iron 20#, 45#, Q235, Q345, Q3458, 1214, 12L14, 1215, etc.
Plastic POM, Peek, PMMA, ABS, Delrin, Nylon, PVC, PP, PC, etc.
Surface Treatment
Stainless Steel Brushed and Polishing,  Passivating,  Sandblasting,  Laser engraving,  Gold Plating. etc.
Steel Zinc plating,  Oxide black,  Nickel plating,  Carburized,  Powder Coated
Aluminum Parts Clear Anodized, Color Anodized, Sandblast Anodized, Chemical Film, Brushing, Polishing, Power Coated, Nickel Plated, etc.
Plastic Plating gold(ABS), Painting, Brushing(Acylic), laser engraving
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What is Spring Probe Tip Type?

Spring probe is widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones and plays a test role. The spring probe is equivalent to a medium. During the test, the head of the probe can be used to contact the object to be tested,

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and the other end is used to conduct the signal and transmit the current. Probes have a variety of different head types, which can be used to deal with different test points, such as tip, sawtooth, and flathead.



How to Choose The Right One?

It is important to choose a good one that will help you to check whether the semi-finished product is qualified or not. A qualified product is crucial for any company. So how do you choose a good one?

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You can start choosing from the structure of the spring probe, a good spring probe structure determines its service life. The next step is to choose the right crown type.



Why Dongguan Promax?

When it comes to test probes, few companies can match the level of skill and expertise demonstrated by Dongguan Promax. With over 15 years of experience in the field.

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Dongguan Promax meets the needs of its customers with an extremely high quality of service. No other company can offer the same level of quality and reliability when it comes to spring probes.