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SMT/SMD Pogo Pin

Are you looking for SMT/SMD pogo pins of the right size? Are you worried about the delivery time and quotation? Dongguan Promax, a professional pogo pins manufacturer & supplier since 2014, is strong confident in solving your problems and surely meeting your targets!


DiameterΦ:≥0.7mm, full stroke ≥0.2mm, working stroke ≥0.05mm


Flat Bottom for SMT/SMD, or others


Brass, SUS304/316F/L,CuTe,HBi59,Cu-Sn, etc


Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ni, etc


3000pcs by T&R, Tray, Tube, Box, PE bag, etc


DHL, UPS, ship the sample out in 2 weeks, mass production in 3-4 weeks

Use Case of SMT/SMD Pogo Pin

Why Did Our Customer Choose Us?

Dongguan Promax has always adhered to the production of high-quality products and won the trust of China Huawei in 2015, At the same time, based on our research and development capability, we have the opportunity to maintain a good partnership with Huawei company. Therefore, when Huawei plans to release the TWS freebuds3 Bluetooth headset in 2019, Dongguan Promax has the chance to provide the NC1677-01 connector as a charging pin for this Bluetooth headset.

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2D SMT/SMD pogo pin

Meet target

We have also fulfilled the product orders given by China’s Huawei and fully met various requirements, laying a firm foundation for greater and more important cooperation this year’s product spec was DC12V, 1.5A, spring force 80±20%gf, full stroke 1.45mm, working stroke 1.30mm, material HBi59, plating 3u” Au min over 50u”-120u” Ni.

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What is Its Structure?

The main part of the SMT/SMD pogo pin can be divided into three parts: plunger, barrel, and spring. The most obvious feature is that the bottom shape of the barrel is a flat bottom.

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The common internal structures can be divided into up three-piece types and four-piece types. The three-piece type is composed of the flat bottom barrel, plunger, and spring. On the basis of the three-piece type, a copper ball or steel T-pin is added between the spring and the plunger. Compared with the three-piece structure, the current resistance of the four-piece structure is significantly improved.


SMT/SMD pogo pin used in pcb

What are The Benefits of Using It?

Compared with traditional connectors, it can be quickly soldered on the PCB through SMT technology, saving a lot of space on the PCB. The parts of the SMT/SMD pogo pin are processed by turning and do not need a mold.

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It is easy to realize rapid change and switching in the process of design and processing, which effectively reduces the production cost of the pogo pin connector. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of stable contact and a long life cycle.


SMT/SMD pogo pin application

The SMT/SMD pogo pin is a connector with the pogo pin as the core,

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which can transmit power and signal at the same time. Because the flat bottom pogo pin has the functions of miniaturization, multi-polarization, and high reliability. it is widely used in consumer electronics, communication equipment, smart home, new energy, chipset test, aviation aerospace, and other fields.


SMT/SMD pogo pin application-1

The product function of consumer electronics and communication equipment is more and more,

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but the occupied space is decreasing. The flat bottom pogo pin just meets two requirements, so it is widely used in the field of consumer electronics and communication equipment.


SMT/SMD pogo pin application-2

In recent years, there are popular applications such as Bluetooth charging TWS Bluetooth headsets,


electronic cigarettes, power charging, smartwatch, smart ring, and other intelligent wearable fields, realize the function of charging or signal transmission for these applications.


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How is The Pogo Pin Connector Used In Electronic Devices and Circuits?

In electronic equipment or circuits, a flat bottom pogo pin is usually soldered to the PCB through SMT surface mounting technology, and then assemble the soldered PCB to the electronic equipment. For the products of smartwatches and smart bracelets, the common assembly method also includes the assembly of a flat bottom pogo pin after inserting molding.

Are There any Potential Downsides to Using It?

Compare with other types of pogo pins, the soldering strength of SMT/SMD pogo pins is relatively weak. The lateral thrust that it can bear is relatively small. In addition, when the height required by the application is less than 1.5mm, it is difficult to realize.

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Why It is The Best Solution?

When the customer’s order volume is relatively small, the cost of customized stamping is relatively high. You can choose the pogo pin connector with low cost to meet the production demand and reduce the production cost as well.

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If the application of your products has the characteristics of miniaturization and multi-polarization, you can choose the SMT/SMD pogo pin. it saves the space of PCB, and it can also be soldered on PCB on both sides, making the spatial structure of application products more beautiful.



How To Choose The Right One?

Are you choosing a connector with a specific diameter and size? Dongguan Promax has always been good at designing products for specific applications. Whether we change its diameter, length, or spring force, we can accurately produce the required pogo pin connector. Welcome customization!

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At the same time, it can also meet the targets of customers in terms of functional reliability requirements, flow size, and others. We will also provide a multi-step quotation for customers, and provide customers with the most competitive price.