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Double Ended Pogo Pin

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DiameterΦ:≥0.7mm, full stroke ≥0.2mm, working stroke ≥0.05mm


Double ends, with or without flange, or others


Brass, SUS304/316F/L,CuTe,HBi59,Cu-Sn, etc


Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ni, etc


3000pcs by T&R, Tray, Tube, Box, PE bag, etc


DHL, UPS, ship the sample out in 2 weeks, mass production in 3-4 weeks

Use Case of Double Ended Pogo Pin

Studied customer’s requirement

Its plating is generally gold plating, The thickness of gold plating is determined according to the customer’s use product. Gold plating is to enhance the function of anti-corrosion, the performance of mechanical and electrical, etc.

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The difference between a double ended pogo pin and a common pogo pin is that it has two plungers, which can play the role of a two-way connection. Both ends of them can be connected to the PCB at the same time, which has the effect of two-way conduction.


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Product Design

Both ends of the double ended pogo pin can be compressed at the same time. The spring force calculation is different from that of the single-headed spring pogo pin. When one end is compressed by 1mm, the other end will also be compressed by 1mm at the same time, that is, the spring force of the total compression stroke is calculated by 2mm.

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When assembling the double ended pogo pin, the plunger on one side is fastened by the barrel, while the other end is fastened by riveting and closing. The barre of a pogo pin usually has two types, including a through hole and a blind hole, the latter can play a good role in waterproofing. Based on the customer’s requirements, we designed the best one after going through all kinds of qualification tests and acceptance checks.


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How Does it Work?

A Double ended Pogo Pin works by connecting the two contact points. The spring-loaded contacts allow for a temporary or permanent connection. When the Pogo Pin is inserted into a PCB, the contacts make contact with the copper pads on the board. This creates an electrical connection between the Pogo Pin and the PCB.

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How To Mount Double Ended Pogo Pins?

Pogo Pins are commonly used for assembling electronic components. The pins are inserted into pre-drilled holes in the PCB and then soldered in place. This allows for a strong connection that can withstand repeated use.

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Pogo Pins can also be used to connect two PCBs together, making them ideal for prototype development. In addition, Pogo Pins can be used to test electrical connections before soldering, which is helpful for troubleshooting purposes. When not in use, the Pogo Pins can be stored in a safe place, such as an antistatic foam or an anti-static bag.


Benefits Of Using Double Ended Pogo Pins

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Because of their compact size and simple design, They are often used in electronic devices where space is limited, such as cell phones and laptops. In addition to their small size, Pogo Pins are also relatively inexpensive.

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As a result, they have become a popular choice for a wide variety of applications, including electrical testing, battery charging, and data transfer. Pogo Pins are also commonly used in robotic systems, where they can be used to create electrical connections between different parts of the robot. Thanks to their versatility and low cost, Pogo Pins are likely to continue to be a popular choice for a variety of applications in the future.


Double ended pogo pin

They can be inserted into a PCB and then soldered in place. This makes them ideal for prototype development and testing purposes. They get their name from the pogo stick, a toy that uses a similar mechanism to create a bouncy effect.

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Pogo Pins are often found in device chargers and other portable electronics, where they are used to establish a physical connection between the device and a power source or another piece of equipment. Thanks to their simple design, Pogo Pins are relatively easy to use, and they provide a reliable connection that can withstand being jostled around in a backpack or pocket. Additionally, Pogo Pins are less likely to produce sparks than other types of connectors, making them a safe choice for use in volatile environments. For all these reasons, Pogo Pins have become a perfect choice.


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This is due to their simple design and the fact that they are made from relatively inexpensive materials. They are typically made from metals such as brass, copper, or stainless steel. The springy nature of the metal allows the Pogo Pin to make a secure connection with a PCB or another device.

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Thanks to their low cost and easy production, Pogo Pins are often used in mass-produced products, such as cell phones and laptops. Now that we have gone over what a Double ended Pogo Pin is, as well as the benefits of using one, let’s discuss some tips on how to choose the right Pogo Pin for your needs.


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When Selecting A Double Ended Pogo Pin, 3 Parameters Below Are Important:

Size:They come in a variety of sizes. The size you select will depend on the application you are using the pin for.

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Material: These pins are typically made from brass or stainless steel. The material you select will depend on the application you are using the pin for. For example, if you are using the Pogo Pin for soldering, you will want to select a brass material so that it can be easily inserted into the PCB.

Spring Force: They come in a variety of spring forces. The spring force you select will depend on the application you are using the pin for. For example, if you are using the Pogo Pin for testing purposes, you will want to select a higher spring force so that the connection is secure.


How Are Double Ended Pogo Pins Manufactured?

They are commonly used in electronic devices to provide a quick and secure connection. The manufacturing process begins with a sheet of metal that is cut into small strips. Each strip is then passed through a series of rollers that gradually reduce its thickness.

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Next, the strip is fed into a machine that cuts it into small pieces, each of which will eventually become a Pogo Pin. After being cut, the pieces are passed through a series of tools that give them their characteristic shape and function.

Finally, the pins are plated with metal to protect them from corrosion and ensure a long lifespan. The entire process takes place in a clean room to prevent contamination of the finished product. they are an essential component of many electronic devices, and their manufacturing process is designed to ensure a high level of quality.



Are Double Ended Pogo Pins Reliable?

When it comes to electrical connections, reliable contact is essential. That’s why Double ended Pogo Pins are such a suitable option for applications where a secure connection is needed. Unlike other types of electrical connectors,

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Pogo Pins have no exposed metal that could come into contact with other conductors and cause a short circuit. The only exposed part of the Pogo Pin is the tip, which is protected by a shroud. This design helps to ensure that the Pogo Pin makes a reliable connection every time. In addition, Pogo Pins are spring-loaded, so they can accommodate slight misalignments. This makes them ideal for applications where precise alignment is not possible. As a result, They are a highly reliable choice for a wide range of applications.



Why Choose Dongguan Promax For Your Double Ended Pogo Pin Needs?

Dongguan Promax is a leading manufacturer of pogo pins. We have more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Pogo Pin and connectors. Our products are used in a variety of applications.

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Consumer Electronics

Some Common Applications

  • Cellular phones
  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Automotive electronics
Industry Electronics

Industrial Applications:

Pogo Pins are often used in industrial applications where a secure connection is needed. They are commonly used in assembly line testing, product inspection, and quality control. Pogo Pins are also used in a variety of automotive applications, such as engine control modules and infotainment systems.

Medical Electronics

Medical Applications:

Pogo Pins are also used in a variety of medical applications. They are commonly used in blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and heart rate monitors. Pogo Pins are also used in many implantable devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators.


The Pogo Pins are a fantastic option for ensuring a solid connection in your gadget. By following this description of double ended pogo pins, you can be sure to select the right pogo pin & connector for your application. They are manufactured by Dongguan Promax, which is a prominent supplier of Pogo Pins.

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We can create and source customized pogo pins & connectors to fulfill your unique demands. You can rely on us for quick delivery and reasonable pricing. If you want to know more about Pogo Pins or need help in choosing the right pogo pin & connector for your project, feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you. Thank you!


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