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Double Ended Pogo Pin Connector

Are you looking for a Double Ended pogo pin connector of the precise size?  are you greatly worried about how to find high-quality products, the shortest delivery time, the Competitive price, and optimal services?  Dongguan Promax is a professional pogo pin connector ODM Factory & Manufacturer since 2014, we believe we can provide you with the best solutions & perfect products, looking forward to win-win cooperation!  




DiameterΦ:≥0.7mm, full stroke ≥0.2mm, working stroke ≥0.05mm 


Double ends, with or without flange, or others 


Brass, SUS304/316F/L,CuTe,HBi59,Cu-Sn, etc 


Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ni, etc 


3000pcs by T&R, Tray, Tube, Box, PE bag, etc 


DHL, UPS, ship the sample out in 2 weeks, mass production in 3-4 weeks 

Use Case of Double Ended Pogo Pin Connector

Our Engineer Started To Study The Case

It was a 4 pins connector that contain 4 single pins. the single pin was the structure of a Double Ended pogo pin, one connector included eight plungers, four barrels, four springs, and one housing. the plunger was bias type, a chamfer was designed on the barrel to enhance its engagement force with housing and avoid fall off, the gap between the chamfer and barrel was 0.06mm, and the distance to the bottom was 0.6mm.

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The difference between Double Ended pogo pin connector and a general pogo pin connector is that there is a plunger at both ends of the barrel, which can play the role of a two-way connection. Both ends of the barrel can be connected to the PCB at the same time, which can play the effect of two-way conduction.It’s a very flexible structure without any soldering. Because there is only one barrel, the material and weight of the connector are reduced, the cost is surely reduced, and there is no need for soldering. It can be used directly after fixing, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly.



R&D of double ended pogo pin connector
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How Does it Work?

Double Ended pogo pin connector works by connecting two contact points. It can establish a temporary or permanent connection between two PCBs. When the connector contacts the PCB, contacts with the PCB generate an electrical connection or signal connection. The pogo pin connector reduces the welding procedure, so more and more electronic components are using it.

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Are Double Ended Pogo Pin Connectors Reliable?

When it comes to electrical connections, reliable contact is essential. That’s why Double Ended Pogo Pins are such a suitable option for applications where a secure connection is needed. Unlike other types of electrical connectors, Pogo Pins have no exposed metal that could come into contact with other conductors and cause a short circuit. The only exposed part of the Pogo Pin is the tip, which is protected by a shroud.

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This design helps to ensure that the Pogo Pin makes a reliable connection every time. In addition, Pogo Pins are spring-loaded, so they can accommodate slight misalignments. This makes them ideal for applications where precise alignment is not possible. As a result, Double Ended Pogo Pins are a highly reliable choice for a wide range of applications.



Benefits Of Using Double Ended Pogo Pins

SMT/SMD pogo pin application

Because of its small size and simple design, this connector is often used in miniaturized electronic equipment. In addition to its small size, connector costs are relatively low. Therefore, they are widely used in various popular electronic devices.

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Pogo pin connectors are also often used in robot systems, which can be used to establish electrical connections between different parts of the robot. Because of its multi-functional and low-cost characteristics, the pogo pin connector will be applied in more industries in the future and plays an important role in it.



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They are inserted into the PCB, and then soldered in place, the connector can be used normally. Simple installation makes them very suitable for prototype development and testing.

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At present, connectors have appeared in popular consumer electronic products, and they establish physical connections between electronic products and power or other equipment. Because it is simple to design and provides reliable connections, it can work properly under the influence of different external forces. In addition, the pogo pin connector is less likely to generate sparks, which is a safe choice for use in a changing environment.


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This is due to their simple design and the fact that they are made from relatively inexpensive materials. Double Ended Pogo Pins are typically made from metals such as brass, copper, or stainless steel.

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The springy nature of the metal allows the Pogo Pin to make a secure connection with a PCB or another device. Thanks to their low cost and easy production, Pogo Pins are often used in mass-produced products, such as cell phones and laptops. Now that we have gone over what a Double Ended Pogo Pin is, as well as the benefits of using one, let’s discuss some tips on how to choose the right Pogo Pin for your needs.



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Why Choose Dongguan Promax?

Dongguan Promax is a leading manufacturer of Double Ended pogo pin connectors. We have more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Pogo Pin and connectors. Our products are used in a variety of applications.

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We offer a wide range of Double Ended Pogo Pin & connectors to meet your specific needs.Our products are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. We offer competitive pricing and quick delivery. We can also custom design and manufacture Double Ended Pogo Pin & connectors to meet your specific requirements.