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Bending Type Pogo Pin Connector

Are you looking for the Bend Type Pogo Pin Connector of the right size? are you greatly worried about how to find high-quality products, the shortest delivery time, the lowest cost, and optimal services? Dongguan Promax is a professional pogo pin connector ODM Factory & Manufacturer since 2014, we believe we can provide you with the best solutions & perfect products, looking forward to win-win cooperation!


DiameterΦ:≥0.7mm, full stroke ≥0.2mm, working stroke ≥0.05mm 


Bending type, with a tail pin, or others 


Brass, SUS304/316F/L,CuTe,HBi59,Cu-Sn, etc 


Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ni, etc 


3000pcs by T&R, Tray, Tube, Box, PE bag, etc 


DHL, UPS, ship the sample out in 2 weeks, mass production in 3-4 weeks 

Use Case of Bending Type Pogo Pin Connector

Studied Customer Requirements

To realize the function of the product, we designed a set of connectors consisting of four Pogo Pins. And considering the PCB space limitation, we designed the soldering foot into 90 degrees bending.

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In order to improve the electrical performance and environmental resistance, these copper parts are plated with more than 5U” gold, and 50~120U” Nickel-plated as the base material to improve the wear resistance, We also coat insulation material on the spring surface, in order to improve the resistance value of the spring, so that the current does not transfer from the spring. we choose nylon as the housing’s raw material. It has good strength and high-temperature resistance. The connector’s rated voltage is 12V and the rated current is 1A. At the mating height, the force per each Pogo Pins is 100 gf±20gf.


R&D of bending type pogo pin connector
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What is a Bending Type Pogo Pin connector?

A bending type pogo pin connector is a connector that has a pin at each end, which can be bent to form an electrical connection. A pogo pin connector is a type of connector that may be used in a wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics to consumer goods, and medical and industrial equipment. 

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What is the Material of Bending Type Pogo Pin?

Plungers and barres commonly used metal materials are:

  • Brass: C3604,C3601,C2680;
  • Phosphor Bronze: C5210, C5191, C5440;
  • Beryllium Copper: C17200, C17300;
  • Tellurium Copper: C14500;
  • SUS304, SUS316F, SUS316L.

The main considerations for selecting the materials commonly used for Plunger and Barres are:

  • Hardness and cutting performance;
  • Electrical conductivity; Yield strength;
  • Ductility; Material cost;
  • Corrosion resistance and environmental performance;


Spring commonly used metal materials are:

  • SUS304;
  • SUS301;
  • BeCu;
  • Phosphor bronze;
  • No magnetic spring


The main considerations for selecting common spring materials are:

  • Wire diameter and overall size;
  • Elasticity and life;
  • Corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance;
  • Material cost;
  • Environmental performance


Material of Bending Type Pogo Pin

How to Choose The Right One?

In practical application, it is very important to choose the correct bending pogo pin connector. The first is to ensure that the materials used are internationally certified to be harmless to human health and the ecological environment.

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Secondly, how to choose excellent pogo pin manufacturers. Dongguan Promax has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications and is the international certification of an excellent pogo pin connector manufacturer. We are highly specialized, and professionals are responsible for tracking from production to after-sales to ensure customer needs.



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