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Pogo test pin, spring probe, pogo probe, PCB test point pins is its alias, widely used in the field of electronics testing components, plays in the role of conductive connection and signal communication, often used in conjunction with precision test socket.

Dongguan Promax provides complete products, including ATE, ICT, FCT, Semiconductor probe, BGA probe, and precision probe sockets No-soldering, small insertion loss, stable performance, long life-cycle, meet targets of high precision test and tiny pitch test, besides common chipset test, widely used in automobiles, smart-phone, laptops, GPS navigation, television as an inner connection accessaries.

Details About Pogo Test Pin

  • Pogo Pin Types:  Spring Probe
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Pogo Test Pin

Spring Probe



What is Pogo test pin?

A pogo test pin is a functional pogo probe used in electronic testing to test semiconductors and devices, which plays a role in connecting conductive and propagating signals. Put the dut under test ( such as chip ) into a test seat fixed on a substrate such as PCB and with a pogo test pin, you do not need to solder to conduct an online test. The pogo test pin has the advantages of small insertion loss, stable performance, and long working life. At the same time, it can meet the high precision small spacing precision test. In addition to general chip testing purposes, pogo test pin is widely used in automobiles, smartphones, tablets, GPS navigation, televisions, and other internal connection accessories. The quality of the pogo test pin is mainly reflected in the material, coating, spring, casing diameter accuracy, and production process.

What is Structure of Pogo test pin?

The pogo test pin is the contact medium of the electrical test, which is the high-end precision electronic hardware components. Mainly consists of a spring, plunger, and barrel three parts. In terms of the composition part, the pogo test pin is associated with the spring, but it is not a probe made by the spring, the spring is just a structure inside it. A pogo test pin is a high-precision electronic hardware component.

What is the working principle of Pogo test pin?

Testing whether the dut ( such as chip ) is working properly can give the manufacturer feedback on their process problems. Meanwhile, It can screen out the bad products to reduce the waste of subsequent finished products. The working principle of the pogo test pin is mainly to send special electronic signals through the tested equipment, and the pogo test pin is fed back to the test system. If the returned test signal is accurate and the tested equipment passes the test within the desired time, it is a good product. If not, is defective. At the same time, the test system will analyze the electronic signal to determine which test the equipment does not pass.

What is the Manufacturing Process?
  • Diversification and Customization

  1. From CNC machining, heat treatment, secondary processing, electroplating, assembly, size CCD,  spring force test, impedance test, function test, packaging, and so on
  2. to maximize customers’ interests, Dongguan Promax never gives up developing pogo pin probes and precision probe sockets, continuous pursuit of perfect quality
  • Strict Quality Control

  1. >99% FPY (First Pass Yield) is our basic principle to control product quality
  2. Take customers’ interests first as our goal, and constantly pursue zero defect
  • Satisfactory service
  1. International sales and application engineers of full-time support
  2. Pre-sales service and after-sales service of a high-quality pogo probe
  3. 24×7 service support
What is Pogo Test Pin Tip Type?

The pogo test pin is widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones and plays a test role. The Pogo test pin is equivalent to a medium. During the test, the head of the probe can be used to contact the object to be tested, and the other end is used to conduct the signal and transmit the current. Probes have a variety of different head types, which can be used to deal with different test points, such as tip, sawtooth, and flathead.

What is the classification of pogo test pin and their functions?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the electronic industry extends more and more products. Different types of products are tested in different ways, and pogo test pins are divided into different types according to different functions.ICT probe: generally diameter between 2.54mm-1.27mm, the industry-standard name: 100mil, 75mil, 50mil, mainly used for online circuit testing and functional testing. Also known as the ICT test and FCT test. It is also a probe widely used at present.Interface probe: Non-standard probe is generally made for a small number of customers who do large test rigs. It is used to test the contact point and surface of the test rig and the test fixture.Switch probe: a single switch probe has two currents;High-frequency probe: Used to test high-frequency signal, with shielding ring can be tested within 10 GHz and 500 MHz without shielding ring.

Rotating probe: Elasticity is generally not high, because its penetration is very strong, generally used for OSP processing PCBA test.High current probe: the diameter of the probe is between2.54mm and4.75mm. The maximum test current is up to 15A.Semiconductor probe: diameter is generally between0.50mm-1.27mm.Battery probe: generally used to optimize contact effect, good stability, and long life.Wire harness probe: it is mainly used in wire harness tests, such as necessary test supplies in the production fields of automobiles, electric vehicles, and motorboats, which is one of the loss test components in the process of wire harness tests.
What is the Materials and Surface Treatment for pogo test pin?
Main Materials
Stainless SteelSS201,SS301,SS303,SS304,SS316,SS416,etc.
SteelMild Steel,Carbon Steel,4140,4340,Q235,Q3458,20#,45#,etc.
Surface Treatment
Stainless SteelBrushed and Polishing, Passivating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving, Gold Plating. etc.
SteelZinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel plating, Carburized, Powder Coated
Aluminum PartsClear Anodized,Color Anodized,Sandblast Anodized,Chemical Film,Brushing,Polishing,Power Coated,Nickel Plated,etc.
PlasticPlating gold(ABS),Painting,Brushing(Acylic),aser engraving