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The purpose of a pogo test pin is to connect conductive and propagating signals. It is a functional pogo probe that is used in electronic testing to test semiconductors and gadgets.

Put the test object (such as a chip) into a test seat that is mounted to a substrate (such as a PCB), and use a Pogo test pin to conduct an online test without soldering. 

Small insertion loss, consistent performance, and long working life are benefits of the Pogo test pin. It can pass the high precision small spacing precision test at the same time.

Pogo test pins are frequently utilized in vehicles, cellphones, tablets, GPS navigation, TVs, and other internal connection accessories, in addition to generic chip testing.

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The material, coating, spring, precision of the casing diameter, and manufacturing methods are the primary factors that determine the pogo test pin’s quality.

The top 10 manufacturers of Pogo test pins are listed below if you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself.

1. Dongguan Promax

A new high-tech firm with its headquarters in Dongguan, Promax Electronics is a Chinese manufacturer that was established in 2014.

DongguanPromax is a provider that specializes in creating, producing, and dispensing precision sockets, test probes, and pogo pins.

Beginning in 2022, Promax will begin producing a variety of electronic connector sockets, such as precision spring contact sockets and semiconductor test probe sockets.

2. Yokowo America Corporation

Yokowo America Corporation, the largest spring connector maker in the world, provides a variety of connections and pogo pins.

Yokowo connectors provide the most design freedom because they specialize in low-profile, space-saving spring pin designs.

Yokowo has been designing and producing connections for more than 30 years, meeting the technical requirements of cutting-edge electronic equipment.

3. Mill-Max

The largest producer of precision machined interconnect components in North America is Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. is a vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing company that can produce over 100 million connection components per week.

Mill-Max stands out in particular for using its own high-speed turning machinery.On the production floor, a large number of automated machines rotate copper alloy rods and wire quickly while shaping each pin with cutting tools.

High-speed turning machines are quickly and easily adjusted to produce pins of various sizes and shapes. Several different types of connection components are produced by Mill-Max.

They offer precision-machined spring-loaded connectors, board-to-board interconnects and pin headers, SIP, DIP, PGA, BGA, and PLCC sockets, PCB pins, receptacles, and solder terminals in both SMT and through-hole configurations.

They are also a source for USB connectors, and PLCC sockets, and wrap most receptacles and terminals.

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4. C.C.P. Contact Probes

The market leaders in contact probes, testing sockets, pogo pins, connectors, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and autonomous vehicles are 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and VR. C.C.P. Contact Probes Co., Ltd.

When it first began in 1986, they were a specialized supplier of test probes and socket solutions. Since then, they have swiftly expanded their product line into adjacent sectors like the production of electronic components.

There are well-known US brands among their clients. Because of their remarkable dependability and excellent quality, their clients highly regard their items.

5. Smiths Group/IDI

In the commercial aviation, defense, space, medical, rail, semiconductor test, and industrial market segments, Smiths Interconnect is a market-leading supplier of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave, optical, and radio frequency products that connect, protect, and control critical applications.

When a high-end, cutting-edge solution is needed to guarantee dependability and safety, Smiths Interconnect is a byword for great performance.

Including Canada, the US (California, Florida, Massachusetts, Kansas, and Maryland), Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Tunisia, India, China, and Singapore, Smiths Interconnect has 25 sales, research, and development, and manufacturing locations throughout 12 nations.

6. Top-Link

Top-link Technologies is a national high-tech company that began focusing on pogo pins in 2005 after being founded. It has had a leading position in the Pogo Pin sector after years of development.

Currently, the company’s goods include precise components, cables and connectors, pogo pins, solid pins, antennae, and other items.

It offers customers a variety of customized solutions for precise components and has strong industry competition.

7. Merry Precise Electronic

In the Longshan Industrial Park in Shenzhen, Merry Precise Electronic Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, production, and marketing of probes. Semiconductor test probes, ICT test probes, PCB test probes, all types of Jig consumables, and PCB transplant processing, covering the area of PCB, ICT, Semiconductor, etc. are currently their core products.

They concentrate their research and development attempts on high-precision probes and Pogo Pin connectors.

8. CFE

CFE is a multifaceted national high-tech company that combines design, R&D, and manufacture of precise pogo pins and magnetic connectors.

Additionally, they offer ODM services for the design, development, and production of production testing equipment, as well as precision turning parts, precision injection molding parts, magnetic charging cables, and component assembly.CFE continually strives for innovation and superior quality: in the past ten years, CFE has secured close to 50 invention and utility patents.

9. Bead Electronics

End-to-end, wire, and tubular contact pins are made by Bead Electronics. When compared to competitors, the swaging production process they use sets them apart.

This is due to the fact that it is a fast, nearly scrap-free cold-forming method that can create compact, dimensionally reliable, and reasonably priced metal electronic components.

Their swaged pins may be tooled quickly and affordably, and they perform as well as machined pins while costing less than stamped pins.

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10. Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors was established in 1954 and designs, develops, and implements end-to-end interconnect solutions for ecosystems requiring local data, signal, and power transfer and management.

For its dependability in difficult conditions, its customized electronic solutions, connectors, and cable assemblies are trusted globally. Connectivity, a technological corporation with its headquarters in Switzerland, owns the business.

Connectivity Group provides high-performance connectivity solutions that manage power and data flow seamlessly from sensors and devices to the cloud and AI, facilitating the emergence of new and customizable ecosystems.


Well, there you have it. These are the top 10 manufacturers of Pogo test pins. So if you are looking to get some pogo pins, be sure to check them out.

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