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A device that is used in the field of electronics to make a connection between two printed circuit boards is known as a Pogo pin. The pogo pin is typically shaped like a thin cylinder that is loaded with two pointed pins that are held in place by a spring.

When the pogo pin is pressed in between two electrical circuits, the sharp tips on each end of the pin form secure connections with the circuits and, as a result, join the circuits together.

The Pogo Pin is a spring-loaded probe that is manufactured using precise equipment and riveting craftsmanship. The plunger, barrel, and spring are the typical components that make up this part.

Spring Loaded Pin

When used in a precision connection, the pogo pin, which has a very tiny probe, has the potential to make the final connector lighter in weight, smaller in size, and exquisite in beauty. This is because the Pogo pin has a very fine probe.

Types of Pogo Pins

The electrical industry makes use of a wide variety of pogo pins, each of which has its own specific purpose. The following are some of the more frequent ones:

Pogo Pin -2

How Do Pogo Pins Work?

The plunger, the barrel, and the spring make up the three primary components of a standard spring-loaded pin. When there is pressure applied to the pin, the spring is squeezed, and the plunger travels internally inside the barrel.

When the pin is not securely fastened into place, the plunger is held in place by the contours of the barrel, which prevents the spring from dislodging it.

When designing electrical contacts, a specific level of friction is necessary to keep a connection in place and preserve the contact finish. This is a requirement of the electrical industry.

A high level of friction, on the other hand, is undesirable since it leads to an increase in the tension experienced by the contact springs and housings.

Therefore, in order to create this friction, a precise normal force, which is normally somewhere about 1 newton, is necessary.

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A small coating of nickel is often added to the surface of the plunger and barrel of spring-loaded pins, with brass or copper typically serving as the foundation material for these components. The durability and touch resistance are both improved by gold plating.

Typically, spring steel or copper alloys are used in the production of the springs.

Connector Arrangement

Pogo pins that are loaded with springs are often organized in a closely packed array. The “bed of nails” arrangement seen in automated test equipment enables the quick and dependable connecting of the items being tested.

In order for the arrangement to be suitable for high-performance applications, it must provide high reliability over a significant number of mating and unmating cycles and high-fidelity transmission of electrical signals.

In matched impedance circuits, the pins may be placed in such a way that there is one that carries the signal and that is surrounded by pins that are grounded.


Magnets are an option for enhancing the connection’s robustness and dependability, and they may be added. In applications involving high-frequency data transmission and consumer electronics, this is a common practice.

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How to Make Use of Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins are particularly well suited for usage in digital models due to the fact that they may be joined and also detached at lightning speed if it is necessary.

The first thing you need to do if you want to utilize pogo pins in your work is to get a pogo pin breakout board. This will allow you to make use of the Pogo pins. These boards have a variety of pogo pin apertures that may be used in the linking together of various components.

As soon as you have a breakout board, you’ll be able to begin experimenting with different ways to include pogo pins in the projects you’re working on.

You may use the pogo pins, for instance, to build a connection between two PCBs that is just temporary, or you can use them to link a switch or switch to an electrical circuit.

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Advantages of Pogo Pins Over Traditional Pins

Pogo pins have an advantage over traditional adapters in that they are able to create a reliable connection between two components even when there is only a little amount of physical contact between those components.

Because of this, they are a great choice for use in designs that save space and for situations in which vibration or movement might damage adapters with a more delicate construction.

Pogo pins are also reasonably cost-effective and easy to produce, which has helped to make them one of the most popular kinds of adapters in the electronic devices industry. This is because the manufacturing process for pogo pins does not need a lot of complicated machinery.

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