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Do you want to charge your Tesla electric vehicle on the go? Then, the Tesla Mobile Connector is the answer. This small, portable charging device allows you to top off your battery wherever possible.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the Tesla Mobile Connector, answer some frequently asked questions, and explain how to use it. So let’s get right into it.

What is a Tesla Mobile Connector?

The Tesla Mobile Connector is a small, portable device that allows you to charge your electric vehicle anywhere with a standard household electrical outlet. It’s designed with easy-to-use features like automatic shutoff, overload protection, and adjustable amperage settings.

You can also use it with other charging solutions, such as wall connectors or public charging stations.Whether you are away from home on some extended trip or need to top off your battery after a long day, the Tesla Mobile Connector comes to the rescue.

It provides the convenience and flexibility to keep your electric vehicle charged from the different outlets at low to medium speeds.You can get a 3 miles/hr range. However, if you have access to a 240-volt outlet, that number jumps up to 30 depending on the model of your car.


Tesla Mobile Connector Specifications

If we talk about the specifications of the Tesla mobile connector, you can only use 230 volts (single phase) or 230/400 volt (3 phase) AC power.

However, the minimum single-phase current is up to 10A. In addition, the mobile connector comes with a 50-hertz wall outlet with a properly grounded and dedicated circuit. Therefore, use a separate outlet with only one socket.

If the outlet has two sockets, try not to avoid plugging anything else as it can overload it. Depending on the outlet and configuration, the Tesla Mobile Connector can provide up to 40 amps of power for all models, including Model X, Model S, and Model 3 long-range vehicles.

ModelMaximum Charging PowerVoltage Requirement
Model X40 amps230/400 volts
Model S40 amps230/400 volts
Model 340 amps230/400 volts

Moreover, it’s approximately 6m long. Therefore, you can either install a new one or use the existing one within four meters of the charge port.

Moreover, the charge port is on the side of the car and hidden behind a door in the rear tail light assembly.

  • Setup & Installation

The Tesla Mobile Connector is easy to set up and install. Just plug the cable into a compatible wall outlet, then insert the other end into your car’s charge port. Once you’ve connected the two, you’ll be able to monitor the charging process from your car’s touchscreen or the mobile app.

If you’re connecting to a 240-volt outlet, you’ll need an adapter cable (sold separately). This will allow you to draw more power from the outlet and get a faster charge.

If you are going to charge it at home, Tesla highly recommends installing a wall connector. The wall connector offers the best charging performance and is specially designed for your Tesla vehicle.

Moreover, whenever possible, you should charge your vehicle at Tesla Supercharger or charging site.

  • Safety Precautions

Taking a few safety precautions when using the Tesla Mobile Connector is important. Never plug the connector into a power source that’s not grounded or compliant with local codes and regulations.

Don’t overlook attaching the ground wire carefully to the outlet of the charge port. If you’re unsure whether or not your power source is properly grounded, consult an electrician for assistance.

Charging Time of the Tesla Mobile Connector

Charging times can range from a few hours to overnight, depending on the voltage of the power outlet and other conditions. In addition, the battery and ambient temperature will affect how long it’ll take to charge.

If the Battery is too hot or cold, the car will heat up/cool down the battery to an optimal temperature before charging begins. This can add as much as an hour to the charging time.

A full charge from 0-100% for most people will take around 10 hours when using a standard household outlet. However, switching to a 240-volt outlet can reduce that time to as little as 4 hours.


How to Charge the Tesla Mobile Connector?

Here is a step-by-step guide to charging the Tesla Mobile Connector:

  • With the car unlocked, firmly press and hold down the button on the Mobile Connector. After a few seconds, you’ll see the latch retract; pull out the Mobile Connector from its charge port.
  • Plug the connector into a compatible wall outlet. Then press and hold down the button on the Mobile Connector for a few seconds until you hear a click. This will ensure it’s properly secured to the outlet.
  • Confirm that the charging indicator light on your car is flashing when plugged in. If it isn’t, press the charge port button for several seconds to start the charging process.
  • Lastly, monitor the charging progress from your car’s touchscreen or the mobile app.

Remember to unplug the connector every time charging is complete, and securely store it away from potential hazards.

Note: The charge cable cannot be disconnected unless the vehicle is unlocked or recognizes a nearby key. You can stop the charging process by touching the battery icon on the touchscreen, then selecting Stop Charging. After that, you can unlock the screen.

What are the Different Types of Adapters for Tesla Mobile Connectors?

The Mobile Connector comes with various adapters that enable it to be plugged into almost all power outlets depending on where you live.

The types and number of adapters can vary by region. Below are the standard ones included with the Mobile Connector:

Region/CountryAdapter Type
USA and CanadaNEMA 5-15 adapter
Europe, Russia, etc.Schuko adapter
United KingdomUK 3-pin adapter
Japan, ChinaType 1 adapter
Australia, New ZealandType 3 adapter
SwitzerlandSwiss plug adapter
OtherAdd adapter types based on region/country

If you need an adapter for a different region or country, you can contact Tesla Support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plug the Tesla Mobile Connector into any outlet?

The Tesla Mobile Connector can be plugged into almost any power outlet, depending on the adapters included with it.

However, it is best to plug the connector into a 240-volt outlet for optimal charging speeds.

What is the maximum charging speed of the Tesla Mobile Connector?

The maximum charging speed of the Tesla Mobile Connector is up to 40 amps or 11.5 kW.

Is it safe to leave the Tesla Mobile Connector plugged in overnight?

It is generally safe to leave the Tesla Mobile Connector plugged in overnight; however, if you are concerned about safety, it is best to unplug the connector and store it away from potential hazards. 

Also, remember that the charging process may take longer than expected due to voltage, battery temperature, and ambient temperature.

Is the Tesla wall charger easy to install? Can you hire any electrician for it?

Yes, in most cases! However, it is best to contact your local Tesla store for details on the specific requirements and compatibility of the Tesla wall charger.


Final Thoughts

The Tesla Mobile Connector is the perfect solution for charging your electric car whenever and wherever you want. With its portability and easy setup, you can be sure your Tesla will always have enough juice to get you where you need to go. 

So, take the worry out of charging and invest in a Tesla Mobile Connector today. You won’t regret it!

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