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What We Offer

Dongguan Promax is known for its customer-oriented approach and offers a wide range of products. We also provide customized products and technical solutions to help our customers find the best connectors.Up to now, Dongguan Promax’s engineering and r&d teams have successfully customized more than 8,000 products for customers. Dongguan Promax connectors can meet the needs of miniaturization, personalization, and high function, providing customers with the perfect technical solutions.

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Dongguan Promax’s experienced sales team will listen to your needs and design the most suitable connector for you. Our R & D engineers have rich design experience, we can also provide waterproof, high-speed transmission, and high current connector design solutions.



We’re Working With Some Awesome Brands

Through 8 years of work as a pogo pin manufacturer. We have accumulated a number of competitive customers, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Amphenol, and so on. After a long-term relationship with our customers, we also get valuable feedback from them. This has established Dongguan Promax as a leading pogo pin manufacturer. Dongguan Promax will continue to uphold the original intention to provide customers with better ODM services.

pogo pin manufacturer of huawei

Meet our requirements on functionality, design, cosmetics, and practicability

pogo pin manufacturer of amphenol

Meet our requirements and are worthy to trust

pogo pin manufacturer of xiaomi

Product quality and delivery time are ok, and strong price strength

pogo pin manufacturer of luxshare

Always be a reliable vendor

pogo pin manufacturer of tcl

Based on the audit of factory facilities, R&D engineering, production process, quality process, environmental protection, and employees’ morale, it meets our requirements

pogo pin manufacturer of fujikon

With strong R & D strength, Dongguan Promax can meet our needs in terms of product size and electroplating specifications


About Pogo Pin Manufacturer –Dongguan Promax

As the world’s leading pogo pin manufacturer, Dongguan Promax was established in 2014 with a business area of 15,000㎡ and 300 employees, including 20 engineers.

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In 2018, became a national Hi-tech Enterprise. So far this year, we have more than 22 patents. At the same time, Dongguan Promax passed QC080000, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications. Promax’s pogo pin connectors are widely used in consumer electronics, intelligent energy, aerospace, and other fields.


Free Design

International Organization for Standardization

Dongguan Promax has become a leading manufacturer of Pogo pin connectors through continually making innovations in new materials and electroplating technology, as well as developing manufacturing processes to manufacture reliable competitive Pogo pin connectors.

We are committed to providing standards and custom products to meet our customers’ requirements.

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In order to serve our customers better, we have implemented QC080000, ISO9001, ISO-14001, and ISO45001. We implement total quality control from raw material to finished product. We will continue to improve, in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, to ensure that the quality of products meets customer requirements. Dongguan Promax is your trusted Pogo pin manufacturer.


Can we customize the pogo pin or pogo pin connector?

Yes! In fact, we’re pretty good at application-specific customization. No matter changing the diameter, length, or hole size of the pogo pin, we can accurately produce the desired product and provide a stepped quotation for customers to choose from. Dongguan Promax is your trusted pogo pin manufacturer.

How do we arrange the delivery time?

Custom pogo pins may have different lead times depending on the design of the connectors. In general, we will respond to the email within 24 hours of receiving the connectors inquiry and design drawings within 1-3 days. The connectors will be shipped within 2 weeks after the customer places the official sample order.

If an Official mass production order is placed, we will complete the Official mass production order and deliver them there in 3-4 weeks. Dongguan Promax adhering to customer-oriented, accurate, and fast solutions for customers, is your worthy choice of pogo pin manufacturer. 

What are our terms of payment?

As one of the largest pogo pin manufacturers in the world, Dongguan Promax’s information is open and transparent. We use the corporate account of the bank of China to collect foreign exchange and provide US dollars or euros for international transactions. We guarantee that all transactions are formal, open, and transparent. 

What are our advantages compared to other pogo pin manufacturers?
  • Research and development advantage: Dongguan Promax has been adhering to independent research and development and technological innovation, and its core team has more than 20 years of research and development experience. This is the guarantee of Dongguan Promax as an outstanding pogo pin manufacturer.
  • Product advantage: Dongguan Promax focuses on industry ODM services, with more than 8000 products in 14 categories. At present, we have accumulated a number of high-quality customer groups, customers feedback that our products are highly competitive and cost-effective.
  • Quality advantage: Dongguan Promax has advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Based on customers’ needs, Dongguan Promax develops the best product design to provide customers with reliable, safe, and economical products. Dongguan Promax has passed ISO quality/environment system certification, making every product delivered to the customer perfect.
  • After-sale advantage: Dongguan Promax has an experienced sales team and a good reputation for after-sales service. The whole process of uninterrupted after-sales service provides timely and rapid solutions to customers’ problems. Under the perfect ERP management system, the after-sales service is more professional.
  • Cultural advantage: Dongguan Promax is known for its customer-oriented approach, not only providing technical solutions but also offering the most competitive prices. Enterprise purpose: stable development of employees, continuous success of customers, consistent reporting to shareholders, and a strong country. Honesty and pragmatism are our core values.
  • Employees advantage: Dongguan Promax is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package as part of our overall commitment to the people who make us successful. In addition to a competitive salary, social security and paid holidays are provided. Carry out regular team building to improve staff cohesion.
How to choose a good pogo pin manufacturer?

Just as the quality of parts by pogo pin connectors can be very different, there is a gap in the strength between different pogo pin manufacturers. You can choose a quality pogo pin manufacturer from the following aspects.


A good reputation and customer satisfaction are the souls of enterprise development, and they are also the part that people particularly value when purchasing goods. A good reputation also ensures good after-sales service.

Product Quality

The quality of the pogo pin connector is an important condition for the survival of a manufacturer, which directly affects the purchase of customers. A quality pogo pin manufacturer can be customized to the customer’s specific requirements. If the dimensions of the pogo pin are required to be very precise, the dimensions can be accurately measured. If the impedance is higher, it can be adjusted by electroplating thickness. Customer satisfaction is also based on the quality of a pogo pin manufacturer’s products.

After-sales service

Pogo pin connectors require after-sale service, which does not mean there is a problem with a pogo pin manufacturer’s product. On the contrary, perfect after-sales service is a good reflection of the strength and reliability of a pogo pin manufacturer. After-sales problems should be dealt with in a timely manner and pogo pin precision should be solved in place. A quality pogo pin manufacturer is evaluated by follow-up and continuity of after-sales service after a product is purchased from a pogo pin manufacturer.

Website qualification

When choosing a suitable pogo pin manufacturer on the Internet, you can also refer to third-party websites to reflect the qualification and judge the strength of the manufacturer. For example, does the manufacturer’s website has official website certification or credibility through the real-name certification? On the B2B platform, you can refer to the store’s age, praise rate, and credibility, which is a good reflection of the serviceability of a high-quality pogo pin manufacturer.

Field trips

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. The Internet is full of information, both real and fake. Therefore, after a comprehensive comparison and selection of satisfactory suppliers, it is necessary to visit the site to bring the inherent product application to the actual test. Only a pogo pin manufacturer can be trusted with its technical strength if its production quality is perfect.

Shop around and compare in terms of reputation, quality, market, after-sales service, etc. Only by comprehensive comparison can we determine the most cost-effective parts.

About Dongguan Promax.

We’re The World’s Leading Pogo Pin Manufacturer. Dongguan Promax Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pogo pins, pogo pin connectors, modules, pogo test pins & industrial connectors. Main services in consumer electronics, new energy, smart home, medical equipment, aerospace, and other fields.