Boult Audio AirBass Z20 TWS Review

Boult Audio AirBass Z20 TWS-01

Boult Audio AirBass Z20 TWS earbuds are small and water and splash-proof, and weigh only 65g. They have in-line controls for playback and volume, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, and Zen Environmental Noise Cancellation. Whether you want to use your headphones for business or pleasure, they can connect with both iOS and Android devices within…

how to solder a wire to a connector?

how to solder wires to connectors

Why consider a solder connector rather than a crimp connector? Connectors serve as Bridges for data transmission, often crimping multiple terminals on the same connector. After a period of use, the crimped contacts became loose and were pulled apart, eventually causing irreparable damage. It is a little probability event, but it could easily have caused much damage….

How to de-pin a connector?

How to depin connector-1

How to de-pin a connector? We often see wiring harnesses in new energy vehicles. The connector is the relay station of the wiring harness in the automobile circuit. The connection between wire harness and wire harness, wire harness, and electrical parts is generally connected by connectors. The automotive wire harness connector is an important part…

What is a mate connector?

mate connectors-1

The origin of mate Connector A connector is usually used to connect a conductor (wire) to an appropriate mating element to enable the current or signal of an electrical element to be switched on or off. Components and components, components and mechanisms, systems and subsystems between the electrical connection and signal transmission role of the…

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