Everything you need to Know about DVI Connector Types


Digital Video Interface (DVI) replaced the VGA technology after its introduction in 1999. It is a video display technology featuring cables that help in connecting a video source, such as a graphic card, to a display, such as a monitor. Surprisingly, even the simplest tasks can be done efficiently using various latest technologies. Some of…

What is the Tesla Mobile Connector? A Complete Guide


Do you want to charge your Tesla electric vehicle on the go? Then, the Tesla Mobile Connector is the answer. This small, portable charging device allows you to top off your battery wherever possible. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the Tesla Mobile Connector, answer some frequently asked questions, and explain how to…

What Is the Lightning Connector?


Lightning is a “Computer Bus,” while the Connector is a power created by Apple Inc. It was first discovered on 12th September 2012. The lightning Connector replaced a 30-pin dock connector. The Lightning Connector connects Apple mobile phone devices like iPhones, iPad, and iPods to host computers, cameras, monitors, USB battery chargers, and other peripherals….

How to get water out of the lightning port?


You might come across a message window prompting on your phone’s screen saying “liquid detection in lightning port.” The message appears when the liquid sensor detects moisture inside the port or the cable jack you are connecting to charge. Although iPhones are resistant to water and won’t crash when submerged in water or accidentally wet….

How to Remove Corrosion from Connector Pins?


Electrical connector pins are prone to get corroded with time, especially if present outdoors. People usually pay no heed to the corrosion on the connector pins, but you should remove it. Corrosion on connector pins can prevent a device from getting charged by reducing electricity flow. Check whether your connectors are free from corrosion if…

How Many Pins are on a VGA Connector?


Computer ports are crucial in making smooth connections between computers and other devices. Many ports allow the transfer of data from the computer to peripheral devices like speakers, flash drivers, printers, keyboards, and mice. VGA connector is one of the most efficient and reliable computer ports. In this blog, we will discuss the VGA connector,…

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