How to dry lightning connector?

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Is your iPhone showing a “liquid detected in lightning connector” pop-up? Don’t worry. It’s a common alert. After this notification pops up, your iPhone will discontinue any activity around the lightning connector, such as charging. So, if you are struggling with what to do after seeing this message, read on to find out how to…

How to Remove Corrosion from Connector Pins?


Electrical connector pins are prone to get corroded with time, especially if present outdoors. People usually pay no heed to the corrosion on the connector pins, but you should remove it. Corrosion on connector pins can prevent a device from getting charged by reducing electricity flow. Check whether your connectors are free from corrosion if…

How Many Pins are on a VGA Connector?


Computer ports are crucial in making smooth connections between computers and other devices. Many ports allow the transfer of data from the computer to peripheral devices like speakers, flash drivers, printers, keyboards, and mice. VGA connector is one of the most efficient and reliable computer ports. In this blog, we will discuss the VGA connector,…

What Is the Magnetic Connector on IPad?


There’s a mysterious connector on the iPad that not many people know about. It’s called the magnetic connector, and it’s what the Apple pencil attaches to.But for what purpose? How does it function, too? Find out by reading on! What Is A Magnetic Connector? Have you ever struggled to connect a charging cable to your…

How to use ground wire connector?

When you’re working on a home improvement project, there are bound to be moments when you need to connect two pieces of metal. If you’re using copper wire, one way to do this is by using a ground wire connector.Ground wires play an important role in electrical safety, and it’s important to ensure they are…

What is Another Word For the Connector?

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There are many different words for the connector. Some people might call them adapters, links, or cables. Whatever name you give them, they all serve the same purpose: connecting devices. Our electronic devices wouldn’t function without connectors; they would just be pricy paperweights. What Is a Connector? A connector is an object that joins two…

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